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Welcome to TomsWebStuff

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Welcome to TomsWebStuff!

Hi, I'm Tom, an English & Swedish speaking full stack web developer now based in Sweden. I specialises in Open Source softwares like Drupal & Wordpress. I also like to play with TailwindCSS, Bootstrap and more!

This website is my projects portfolio as well as a place where I write about all things web development & design in my (new) blog!


Sandlund / Hossain

Sandlund / Hossain

Wordpress/WooCommerce maintenance & performance consultancy.

Developer & Project manager on behalf on Ramsalt Lab AS. Drupal 8 implementation.

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Friday, August 26, 2022
Poor Docker performance on my old Mac has long left me using MAMP for all my local Drupal, Wordpress & PHP development but with Drupal 9.4 now requiring PHP 7.4 and my MAMP version only supporting up to 7.3 I decided it was time to give DDEV another try! Here's how I started to migrate all my local Drupal, Wordpress & PHP development to DDEV!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Since Drupal 8 end of life in November 2, 2021 I've had to perform (and still am) a lot of Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrades in my day job(s). Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 is a significantly easier upgrade than going from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 but it can still take a bit of work so here's what I learnt from upgrading 4 different Drupal 8 sites recently!
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