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Welcome to TomsWebStuff

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Welcome to TomsWebStuff!

Hi, I'm Tom, an English & Swedish speaking full stack web developer now based in Sweden. I specialises in Open Source softwares like Drupal & Wordpress. I also like to play with TailwindCSS, Bootstrap and more!

This website is my projects portfolio as well as a place where I write about all things web development & design in my (new) blog!


Developer & Project manager on behalf on Ramsalt Lab AS. Drupal 8 implementation.

Sandlund / Hossain

Sandlund / Hossain

Wordpress/WooCommerce maintenance & performance consultancy.

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Gutenberg might be best known as a Wordpress content editor/layout builder but did you know you can also use it with Drupal? Yes I've not gone mad, you can and it's gaining popularity fast especially with clients!!
So in this post I'll show you how to get started with Drupal Gutenberg & bring all the fun of Gutenberg to Drupal's sometimes limited content editing!!

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