April 5, 2023

Drush 11 generate command examples

Fed up with writing module & theme code? Wish there was a way to get the module structure & files in-place before you start your custom coding? Well I recently found a bunch of useful Drush 11 commands that will streamline your module & theme development, here's some examples of Drush generate commands
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March 31, 2023

Patching Drupal contrib modules for Drupal 10 compatibility with Composer

I've started to adopt Drupal 10 on most of my personal projects (this blog included) and along the way I've hit issues where a contrib modules doesn't have an official Drupal 10 compatible release but there is a patch for Drupal 10 compatibility in the modules issue queue. I only use Composer to maintain my Drupal projects so how do you patch a module when Composer won't download it (because it's not compatible) is the first place. Here's a quick tutorial to show how I've been getting around this!
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