My name is Tom, I am an English web developer & blogger based in Sweden who specialises in Drupal & web development.

I work as a freelance contractor for companies all over the World and I'm also a co-founder of Themelize.me and founder of EPLFixturesToday.com.

I have an HNC (2 years of a degree) in Multimedia, which gave me my passion for the web and web development.

I have been involved with Drupal for over 17 years and involved in web development in general for over 20 years. I started out making basic HTML and CSS websites for friends before moving into the world of PHP and mySQL and eventually specialising in Drupal. I am also proficient in Wordpress & WooCommerce sitebuilding and development.

I love learning new technologies too and am currently learning vue.js & Laravel.

Drupal is a powerful and flexible framework which has been gaining in popularity over the past 5 years, it provides a perfect framework to develop with.
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I am proficient in all aspects of Drupal including front and backend development, site building (views, panels & the like) site installation/maintenance/updating, troubleshooting, custom module and theme development, installation profiles, Drupal coding standards and training as well git.

I've been involved in a number of Drupal modules as well:

I am a good communicator and am very experienced with working with clients in different timezones and locations.
I am organised, adaptable, work well under pressure, learn quickly, keep to deadlines and am equally at ease working alone or as part of a team.

In recent years I've turned my focus more to Frontend technologies and Drupal theming. In January 2013 myself & good friend, Alex Wendpap founded Themelize.me in order to pursue our passion for frontend development and design. So far we've released 5 themes, had over 6000 customers and have undertaken a number of service clients.

When I'm not working I love spending time with my young family and travelling. I have lived in Spain, Sweden & Canada in the last 10 years. I also enjoy sports and DIY.

Skills Set

  • Expert Drupal theme & module development skills
  • Expert Drupal API knowledge
  • Expert Drupal knowledge in general
  • Expert level CSS3/HTML5 coding skills
  • Technical project lead/management
  • Advanced knowledge of web scraping (PHP & node.js)
  • Advanced knowledge of API integrations
  • Advanced knowledge of Bootstrap
  • Advanced knowledge of LESS & Sass
  • Advanced PHP & MySQL knowledge
  • Advanced jQuery/Javascript knowledge
  • Advanced Photoshop & Fireworks skills
  • Advanced psd to HTML/Drupal theme skills
  • Advanced knowledge of creating social networking sites with Drupal
  • Advanced knowledge of W3C Standards Compliance
  • Advanced knowledge of gulp & task runners
  • Intermediate to Advanced Wordpress & WooCommerce knowledge
  • Intermediate React.js knowledge
  • Intermediate Ghost knowledge
  • Intermediate SEO knowledge
  • Intermediate knowledge of GIT, Subversion & CVS
  • Intermediate server knowledge
  • Knowledge of AngularJS & Vue.js
  • Knowledge of Open Source applications



Tom is an excellent developer and a very thoughtful colleague. Open minded person, solutions-oriented and great team player.

During our ~3 years of working together in Ramsalt I got a lot of inspiration from him, and his code's quality was always a good example for me.

He has a positive attitude and he's very easy to communicate with.

Stathis [Efstathios] Papadopoulos, Senior developer at Ramsalt Lab.

The very first impression I got from Tom was from day one when I started at Ramsalt Lab, that very scary day that you don't know anyone in a new company and I remember Tom was such a warm person that started the very first official conversation I had just to say hello and welcome me aboard! that shows a great personality right there.

Technical wise, I remember a time when he handed over a project to me just to babysit while he was on a vacation, just looking at the code, I was blown away with how clean and thoughtful it was written, documented and the effort put into it just to do things the right way.

For sure Tom as a senior developer will always be the go-to guy for me, having him in your team is a great opportunity

Sohail Lajevardi, Drupal Front-end developer at Ramsalt Lab

Great guy to work with. We had a nice time together at Ramsalt where we worked on big and exciting projects like Expo.se Amnesty International Norge among others.

Daniel Andersson, Marketing & sales at Ramsalt Lab

We've had a fantastic working relationship with this person. We communicate our needs in as accurate and developer-specific language as we can and he translates them into what Drupal or Acquia can do for us. He's been an amazing partner as a go-to developer.

Jeanna Balreira, Trinity University

It was a great pleasure working with Tom on multiple projects at ImageX. He is one of the senior developers who always had a keen eye on how to make things more efficient and user friendly. Tom always carried with him a very positive "can-do" attitude and no doubt "did-do". He has excellent communication skills where he is able to bridge the gap between technical jargons and be able to break it down to someone in a more comprehensive manner. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a highly qualified Drupal developer.

Sangeeta Ben, Agile Project Manager at Mobify

Tom is a reliable, dedicated and well-rounded developer who has a unique skill set as a Drupal developer who is able to tackle some of the most challenging problems both frontend and backend of Drupal site-building. It was a pleasure working with Tom and I hope that our paths cross again in the future as colleagues.

Aaron McGowan, Drupal Lead.

I've had the pleasure of working with and supervising Tom on many projects over the years. There is no doubt, he's a hard worker and a great team member. He's not afraid to take initiative and is constantly looking for new challenges. His skills in Drupal development are extensive. I would highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future project.

Chris Geoghegan, General Manager / VP of Operations, ImageX Media

For a number of years Tom has been a go-to developer for ambitious projects with tight deadlines. Tom's dedication to his work and efficiency make him an invaluable member of our team. One of Tom's greatest assets as a developer is his understanding of design and overall user experience concerns. These cross functional skills are difficult to find. Even more difficult to find is a developer with all of these skills and a deep knowledge about what makes a successful Drupal implementation. I highly recommend Tom and would not hesitate to work with him again given the opportunity.

Rick Vugteveen, VP of Technology, ImageX Media

I have worked with Tom on a number of projects. I have found him to be a hard-working web developer who gets the job done. Always a pleasure to work with, his no-nonsense style, extensive Drupal knowledge and integrity allow him to deliver quality work on time and on budget. I highly endorse Tom and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Vanessa Turke, Solution Architect, ImageX Media

Tom is a very skillful drupal developer who can embrace tight deadlines and deliver everything on time with perfection. Aside coworker he is a good friend who knows to enjoy the life away from the keyboard. Definitively one of the quickest drupal developer I ever worked with. Precise, focused and organized.

Alex Jonatan Ventpap, Interactive Designer, Salesforce

Tom's done full time freelance Drupal development for ImageX Media for the last couple of years in the UK. He's been doing such a fantastic job for us that we invited him to come over and work with us in-house. We've really been impressed with Tom's work ethic, great ideas and the quality of development he does. He's is a solid, loyal team member who is well respected by his teammates and our clients. He continues to impress with his innovative & entrepreneurial mind both in the projects here at ImageX and with his endeavors on his personal startup DrupalSN.

Glenn Hilton, President/Creative Director, ImageX Media